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No Man’s Sky Dialogue With NPCs And Pure Gameplay Footage Surfaces

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A recently leaked image and video clip have given us a better glimpse of the gameplay in No Man?s Sky. The widely anticipated space explorer from indie developer Hello Games has been one of the industry?s most talked about games since its reveal over two years ago.

Leaked Image Shows First Glimpse of No Man’s Sky NPC

No Man's Sky

from Reddit user u/Ichtyander

Despite numerous trailers, teasers, and demos, gamers still know very little about the core gameplay of No Man?s Sky besides the procedurally generated nature of the universe. The developers have brought up all sorts of features like mining, crafting, and spaceship customization but have never really shown them on display. Most No Man?s Sky videos simply showcase the player walking through one of the game?s gorgeously rendered planets and soaking in the local flora and fauna. It?s technically impressive for sure, but after two years, it wouldn?t hurt for Hello Games to show us a little more.

The leaked image is perhaps the biggest gameplay revelation we?ve seen since the game?s debut. Uploaded on Reddit by user u/Finnhab, this image is the first time we?ve seen the player interacting with intelligent life in No Man?s Sky. In it, we can clearly see that dialogue options are present, indicating that each ?mission/task? could have different outcomes depending on your actions. It also looks like the scene takes place in an interior location, which means the game?s environments aren?t limited to outdoor environments and outer space.

The gameplay footage is a little less exciting, showing off more of the same planet traversal we?ve seen many times before. Some interesting parts of the video include glimpses of ship-to-ship combat in outer space as well as a quick look at a never-before-seen Spaceship. Called a ?Korvax? ship, it looks considerably larger than the standard space fighter we?ve seen in most of the gameplay footage. How it differs in terms of handling and fighting capability remains to be seen.

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