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No Man?s Sky Developer Already Working On New Indie Game

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No Man's Sky

No Man?s Sky creator Sean Murray has been kind enough to answer fans? queries. The Hello Games founder recently hosted an Ask Me Anything session on Reddit and revealed that the studio is working on a new game, which he referred to as a ?a small experiment.?

It?s quite surprising that No Man?s Sky is now ready to hit PS4 and PC and the developers are already working on their next title. However, the developer has not shared any specific details about the upcoming title, though it seems like the company already has plans for the game. Without revealing much, Murray said that the company is ready to do a mixture of indie things and some big stuff.

During the session, Murray was asked whether he would go for new titles with Hello Games or if the company will only keep supporting their space exploration game in the future. Murray said that the studio will keep supporting No Man?s Sky, meaning that fans can expect future updates for the latest exploration game.

Murray also said that there are many other ideas the team is working on. Gaming is one of the most unexplored areas, he added.

Hello Games might introduce something completely new and different from No Man?s Sky. In fact, Murray hinted sufficient clues during the discussion. He said that supporting existing games and introducing new ones is completely possible. He also said that many studios stick to one or two games, but bringing new titles while supporting the current one isn?t impossible.

It?s clear that after releasing No Man?s Sky, the company is not going to stop with the launch. Murray also shared why he does not speak much about the game?s PC release. According to him, when developers are in any agreement or contract with a third party, they have to be very careful about what they say. He said that there are times when the developers cannot even mention the platform while speaking to people about the game.

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