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No Man’s Sky Day One Patch: Sean Murray Hints Changes In Gameplay

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No Man's Sky

Sean Murray on Twitter again warned people using No Man?s Sky leaked copies and reviewing the game. The founder of Hello Games said on Twitter that those who are reviewing the game based on leaked online copies should note that players will experience different gameplay at the time of launch. The developer recently confirmed an update patch for the game, now after this announcement, fans have started speculating that No Man?s Sky will get day one patch.

No Man?s Sky copies were leaked a few days ago and players who got access to these copies started streaming the gameplay online. Such practices lead to many reviews for the game even before launched. Many reviews and analysis surfaced online criticizing the game. Many players shared their own reviews depending on the gameplay they experienced in the leaked copies.

According to Hello Games, It will add new content and features to the game with the upcoming No Man?s Sky update. Sean Murray revealed that there will be more content, but the developer has not shared any specific details regarding the patch release.

Many fans are expecting this patch to be released on the first day of the game. No Man?s Sky will be officially released on August 9 on PS4. The studio has confirmed the PC release of the game suggesting that the game will be launched on PC on August 12.

Leaked copies of the game have already been circulating ahead of the game?s launch. Some people started reviewing the game and it is obviously causing harm to the game?s reputation. Sean Murray has already made many requests to fans to not to spoil the fun. As the developer is saying the experience would be different than what is featured in the leaked copies, there are chances that the update on which Hello Games has been working on will be released alongside the official game.

Some players suggest that there will be a slight difference, but as the developer has confirmed the changes, it is better to wait for the review copies and the final version of No Man?s Sky.

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