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No Man’s Sky Crafting: All Known Elements So Far

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No Man's Sky

No Man’s Sky features a periodic table of its own. The elements available in the table are used for crafting and is one of the most important things in the game. Some of the elements in the game are from the real world, while the properties of some of the elements are still unknown. Each of these elements are used in unique ways. Some elements can be used to craft weapons and new items once the players learn crafting in No Man’s Sky.

The details of many elements are still unknown, but information about some of them is already available. The elements will be grouped by their properties such as rare, neutral, precious, very rare, common, oxide and silicate elements. Oxides such as Iron, Zinc and Titanium will be used to build and recharge defensive technologies.

Silicate elements will be used for crafting. Such elements include Silicon, Heridium and Platinum. Spaceships in No Man’s Sky?will play a major role in transporting the players among different planets. Fuel for the spaceship will come from isotope elements such as Carbon, Plutonium, Titanium9 and Oxygen. Neutral elements will be used for crafting updates in No Man’s Sky.

In the upcoming space sim by Hello Games, mining will play a major role in collecting resources and upgrading the items such as space suit, spacecraft and weaponry. According to Sean Murray, players can dig down into a planet for up to 128 meters. It is obvious that mining will reveal some more interesting details about the game?s resources, and there are chances that the unknown elements will be revealed soon.

A fan on Reddit has shared the details of all the known elements. Fellow explorers have joined him and contributed details about the game. As the game is arriving within the next couple of hours on PS4, it would be interesting to see how far everyone gets in the game on day one.

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