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No Man’s Sky Combat Trailer: Features You Should Know

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No Man's Sky

Hello Games recently dropped a new gameplay trailer for No Man?s Sky, and this time, we get to see how combat works with the upcoming ambitious game. There?s a lot more to be excited about in the game launching next month, and the trailer further increases the hype. Here are a few things you should know about combat in the upcoming game.

Land Combat

Aside from epic space battles between spaceships, battles in No Man?s Sky will also take place in all of the 18 quintillion planets. You?ll have to go against man-made hazards as well as the creatures native to the planets. It won?t be an easy task, but luckily for you, there will be several equipment that make things easier. There are jetpacks, Thermal Suits, and perhaps the most valuable of items, the Multi-Tool. True to its name, it can be used in several ways including harvesting, digging and killing enemies.

Space Combat

If land combat isn?t exciting enough for you, then you?ll be glad to know that the game features space combat that channels the likes of Star Wars. It?s fast-paced and in epic proportions. One of the main enemies in space are the authorities that appear when you do something unlawful like harvesting in a prohibited area. Also expect to run into space pirates in the game. The new trailer showed off just how fast-paced space combat will be, so you will have to channel your inner Luke Skywalker or Fox McCloud to succeed.


Like most games, death will be a vital part in No Man?s Sky, and you should do what you can to avoid it at all cost. If you die and fail to upload any discoveries you make, then you?ll have to say goodbye to them as the game will instantly delete these data. That?s a pretty huge setback with a game this big. It?s also worth noting that PVP won?t be present in the game, but Hello Games has said before that players running into each other is unlikely, so player-to-player encounters is the least of your worries.

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