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No Man’s Sky Update: iam8bit $150 Collector’s Edition Orders Still Undelivered

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No Man's Sky iam8bit

It seems as though No Man?s Sky is still causing a few problems; at least for a few players. The game launched several months back and has since picked itself up only this month. Those who preordered iam8bit?s Explorer?s Edition of the game aren?t still happy with the game. The Collector?s Edition began shipping out recently, but some players are still yet to get their hands on the game and its collectibles.

The bundles of No Man?s Sky Explorer?s Edition didn?t launch the same day as the game?s original launch date. In fact, shipping of the product began only this Dec. 21. As of now, there are a few players who have still yet to get their hands on the Collector?s Edition, and it?s begun to raise eyebrows even more.

A few players that decided to pre-order have begun asking for refunds way back in October. Those who remained patient and waited now have to face the agony of waiting for whether or not they?ll be having the game and its collectibles now.

Redditor The_Red_Spectre is starting to call iambit?s offer as a ?joke.? The player was sent email after email saying a few excuses about the delay. The most recent excuse is that the items are at the LA customs bureau.

No player is yet to post his copy of the Explorer?s Edition for the game and if it did begin to ship in Dec. 21, it?s a bit odd that no one has bragged owning this edition yet. Things are looking a bit bleak for those who decided to pre-order iamabit?s Collector?s Edition.

The No Man?s Sky Explorer?s Edition contains a PC code for the game. Aside from the game itself, players also have a cast metal, hand-painted replica of a Starship. Other items include decals and an exclusive Traveller?s Pin.

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