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No Man’s Sky Cheats: Techniques That Can Help You Progress Faster And Easier

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No Man's Sky

Starting a new game in No Man’s?Sky can be quite challenging. In some instances, due to the randomness of the game, players will find that exploring outside is quite a drag. Fortunately, there are some in-game glitches the players can take advantage of to get ahead of the game.

Jetpack Climb

Some people might not even consider this as a glitch but the fact of the matter is, this technique makes use of your jetpack without depleting it. Basically, is you want to climb a wall or a surface, you can do so by getting really close to the surface. After which, you can activate your jetpack to climb. Make?surethat you stay close to the wall at all times so as not to consume your jetpack fuel.

Make money

The best way to make money apart from identifying everything you see on a planet is by making note of elements that are in ?hot demand?. If there?s a star next to the element, it means that you can gain more from that particular element. Once you know which ones are high-commodities, quickly jump back to your ship and fly to the nearest planet with that element.

Mine asteroids near the space station

Another quick way of make good money in No Man’s?Sky is by mining asteroids near space stations. This means that you?re within minutes away from possible buyers.

No Man's Sky

Walk faster

Yes, walking in No Man’s Sky can sometimes be pretty sluggish. This makes exploration a bit time consuming. To ?walk? faster, all you have to do is press R1 for melee attack. This will give you a quick burst of forward momentum. In the middle of this burst of speed, jump into the air with the jetpack and then pulse it to keep your speed up as you glide across the surface. Remember to keep an eye on your jetpack fuel as this technique will use it up. This technique will make exploration a lot faster and more enjoyable.

Save time

There are many ways you can save time in No Man’s Sky. One is by avoiding engaging with sentinels and dangerous flora and fauna. Another sure time saver is summoning your ship from outposts. In the event that you?ve ventured too far from your ship, there is absolutely no need to take a trip back to your ship. You can just obtain bypass chips from outposts to call your ship over.

Take advantage

Although TheBitBag does not condone this one, players can really get ahead by taking advantage of the inventory duplication glitch. For more details on this one, follow this link.

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