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No Man’s Sky Cheats: Duplication Exploit For Infinite Atlas Stones And Other Rare Items

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No Man's Sky

No Man’s Sky?has not yet completed a week on PS4 but players have already found multiple bugs and exploits in the game. Hello Games is already working on fixes, but there?s no specific deadline yet for the next update. Until then,?No Man’s Sky?cheats and exploits will help many players progress faster than honest explorers.

Recently, some fans discovered an exploit that helps players easily acquire money in the game. One of the latest No Man’s Sky?cheats allows players to collect infinite Atlas stones and many rare items in the game. Whenever a player dies in No Man’s Sky, they are taken back to their last save point and they temporarily lose all their items.

Players can collect their lost resources in their ?grave? spot, ?but if you load your previous save slot, you will still have all the items in your inventory and you can still get all the items in your ?grave?. This means that you gain double of all the items that you had earlier.

Doing this exploit is easy, and dying in the game is obviously more lucrative as it can double the resources you have. Take note that dying twice is the only way players will permanently lose their items.

Players need to make sure that they only have enough slots to collect the duplicate items, but overall it is obviously a good idea (though not ethical) for those who wish to gain Atlas stones fast along with the other resources.

Such exploits have already helped players accomplish many tasks without even spending a lot of time in the game. This is a great way to help you earn money to buy all those expensive starships. The goal of every player in this game is to reach center of the galaxy, and with the recently discovered exploit, it seems that players can reach it in significantly less time.

However, there are chances that Hello Games has already included this exploit among the No Man’s Sky?cheats it is planning to address in the next update.

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