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No Man’s Sky: Center Of The Galaxy Secret Hinted By Leaker?

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No Man's Sky

No Man’s Sky will be released this month, but one rich gamer was able to purchase an early copy of the game and has posted videos and threads about it ever since. It seems like the gamer wants to see if all the fan theories are true and has been exploring the game a lot, recently discovering that it might not take long to get to the center of the galaxy.

This is a pretty big deal, since the developers in Hello Games had hyped reaching the center of the galaxy for quite some time. While the gamer hasn’t confirmed if reaching the center is affected by the player’s various actions in the game, it is said that players might be able to got there within a day or two.

It’s an interesting bit of information, to say the least. As heard from the discussions on Reddit, finishing the game quickly is feasible due to the game rewarding the player with Atlas Stones anytime he or she discovers a planet. This is worth a lot in the game’s galactic market, apparently, so it makes saving on fuel pretty easy. Discovering these items also gives players two free Warp Fuels, which lets them freely go to another planet and get even more of these items.

Reaching the center of the galaxy in No Man’s Sky is supposed to be a big deal, however, the player did not acquire any trophies after accomplishing this feat. Nonetheless, the developers in Hello Games cannot be pleased that it hasn’t taken much effort for the player to get there. The fact that someone was able to get an early copy of the game has probably upset the developers of the game, so having this type of information leak is not good for Hello Games.

Too many Atlas Stone?

To be fair, it is a leaked copy of the game; developers usually release day one patches that fix the various problems the game is suffering from. Perhaps the day one patch of the game will reduce the amount of Atlas Stones and Warp Fuel, but we will have to wait and see.

No Man’s Sky will be coming to the PS4 and Windows PC on August 9. The game was supposed to come out earlier but was delayed due to a number of issues. The developers even missed E3 so that they could work on the game.

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