No Man’s Sky Where To Buy: Steam, GOG, Humble Store, Or Hello Games Site? Here’s What You Should Know

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No Man?s Sky will be out on August 9 in North America and August 10 in Europe for the PlayStation 4 platform. The worldwide release will be August 12, 2016. But where can you get it and where should you buy?

The first part of the question has many answers. There are many possible outlets to get a copy of this hotly anticipated game. The second part is an ?ought? question that considers which outlet should one buy from ?considering some variables. We will not try to make the decision for you but will offer you some insights into the implications of your purchasing decision. Thanks to Kelvets on Reddit for sparking up this discussion.

Where To Get No Man?s Sky

If you are on PS4, you get a disc in standard or limited editions. Of course, you can also download it from PSN. If you want it on PC, then you have multiple avenues for download. You can get it through Steam, GOG, ?and Humble Store. You can also get it on iam8bit?s to get a cool toy-style replica of a ship. In addition, Hello Games also lets you download No Man?s Sky from their own website if this post by Kelvets on Reddit is correct.

So what?s the difference between all of these sites? All of them offer the game for $59.99 USD.

If you download it through Hello Games, you give them 95% of the proceeds. Kelvets revealed that No Man?s Sky site uses a Humble Widget which only takes 5% of the cut. This is opposed to the 30% that other retailers take. So, if you bought directly from Hello Games, this would directly help them out, giving them around $15 more than you would should you choose to get from other retailers. This would give Sean Murray and his Hello Games team a bigger piece of the reward. Not just because they created a great game, it?s because apparently, they care about it so much that they are planning to continue to make it better through updates. They also revealed that they expect to give out future updates for free. Check the update here.

Sounds fair enough right? The only problem is, according to the discussions, there are no refunds when you get it directly from Hello Games. Steam, GOG and Humble Store give out refunds. So this is another variable you should consider. If you care much for refunds, you might want to get it from other outlets than Hello Games. If you?d like to reward Sean Murray and his team more, you might want to purchase it from them directly.

The Humble Store also donates 10% of the proceeds they get from No Man?s Sky to charity. If you have a soft spot for charities listed on their site, you might want to go get your space exploration fix from them.

So, these are the things that you should know if you care about where your money goes when purchasing No Man?s Sky. If you get it from other outlets other than Hello Games, you pay for their added services (like Steam credit) and for a chance at refund. If you get it directly from Hello Games, you reward the developers more. If you want to send a little love to charity, Humble Store is the best fit for you.



Stay tuned for more No Man?s Sky updates.

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