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No Man?s Sky: Should You Buy The Game At Launch Day?

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Possibly the biggest game so far this year is nearly out, with Hello Games? No Man?s Sky set to release tomorrow. After the recent leak, fans have been divided and many are no longer sure if the game will be as good as advertised. We?re expecting gamers to flock retailers soon, but if you?re one of those still undecided on getting the game, here are a few things to consider when buying the game on launch day.

Day One Update

We?re not entirely sure about how the launch copy will play out, but if the leaker?s testimonies are legitimate, there?s obviously something wrong with the game. The developer has listed a ton of new features in their upcoming Day One patch to rectify some of the issues found by the early players. There seems to be huge changes upcoming as the game only has a 6GB file size and its upcoming Day One patch is 800MB,

The Game Is Different

There?s a lot of things going on in No Man?s Sky, and though it?s impressive, it may not be for everyone. For starters, those looking for story-driven games should probably lay off the upcoming title as it will be filled with lore rather than story. There aren?t any quests as well. What?s good to know though is that each player will be making his own story in the game, thanks to the freedom it gives in exploration.

Since there?s no linear path to follow and the task is to basically explore and explore until the center of the galaxy is reached, things might get boring after a while. It might be better to hold out on buying the game and wait for reviews first.

Despite its rumored shortcomings, No Man?s Sky is still looking good as an exploration game, so if you?re looking for something light and fun and excellent sceneries, then the game and its 18 quintillion galaxies might just do the trick.

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