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No Man?s Sky: 3 Game-Breaking Bugs You Should Be Wary Of

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No Man?s Sky

Bugs in No Man?s Sky have started bothering players on PS4. Ahead of the game?s PC release, players have found some serious issues with the space exploration game. There are currently three bugs in the game that need to be fixed ASAP.

Starship Launch Bug

Problems with space station and ships are not letting players progress in the game. Whenever players try to launch their spaceship, the game doesn?t let them do so. The cause of this issue is still a mystery. When the player who reported this issue tried to escape from a space station, he found himself unable to launch the ship.

When a player dies in No Man?s Sky, the game simply brings you back to the latest area where you saved the game. However, for this player, he wasn?t able to launch his ship to continue his journey. Other players have also supported his claims, saying that this is one of the major issues many have been facing.

Pre-Order Bonus Ship Bug

The second bug found in No Man?s Sky is related to the pre-order bonuses players get in the game. Whenever the players redeem the bonus ship, they are automatically given a warp drive, which cancels out several helpful quests and blocks their progression in the game. Although there?s a workaround for this issue, it would be better if Hello Games eliminates the bug completely.

The list of bugs in No Man?s Sky is growing day by day and we are still waiting for the game?s PC release which may introduce some more gameplay issues. The third game-breaking bug was found by a Reddit user who said that there is a glitch in the game that leaves you helpless, and the problem happens to everyone.

Waypoint Bug

Every player has can toggle three custom waypoint slots in the galactic map. The problem is that the only way players can remove their custom waypoints is by successfully travelling to that place. This bug is something that many players might face.

According to a Reddit user, having 3 waypoints with Atlas and entering a black hole will leave players stuck in that galaxy as they will be unable to clear those waypoints. Other players supported the claims saying they also had to travel another thousand of miles to go back to the Atlas station just because of the bug. While PC players are eagerly waiting for the game?s launch, No Man?s Sky PS4 version is making them aware about the potential problems they might face in the game.

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