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No Man’s Sky Bug Prevents Player From Launching Ship

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No Man's Sky

As expected, No Man?s Sky launched with a few problems in its codes. There are a few bugs in the game including one that ruins the pre-order bonus and prevent players from getting it early on in the game, while there are others that really ruin progress. One player reports that he?s stuck in a space station and there?s nothing he could do to leave.

Redditor cheatatjoes shared his weird experience with No Man?s Sky that obviously prevents him from progressing further into the game. After a bad run-in with space pirates, the player respawned at the space station he was previously at. After bracing himself for another journey into space, he said that his ship would no longer launch.

The first thing that comes to mind with the issue is that the ship might be broken and needs repairing. According to the player, he fixed every part of the ship and since he can?t scour the planets for resources due to the unavailability of the ship, he even had to dismantle some of his upgrades for the needed materials. His effort was to no avail as despite being fully fixed and with Launch Thrusters at 100%, the ship still won?t budge. What?s even weirder is the player was given the usual instruction to launch the ship by pressing R2. Upon pressing R2, the ship won?t budge and all the player gets in response is a beep.

His next theory was that the ship itself was glitched. He waited in the station until an affordable ship was for sale, but even after getting in the new ship, he was still unable to leave the space station.

It?s a very harmful bug as there is no way to have multiple saves in No Man?s Sky. If this happens, players will be stuck indefinitely, and the only solution might be to start a new game.

We?ll keep you updated on this No Man?s Sky bug, so stay tuned here on TheBitbag for future workarounds to the issue.

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