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?No Man’s Sky? Bug Makes Discoveries Disappear

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No Man's Sky Update
No Man’s Sky Update

A bug has reportedly been causing discoveries in No Man?s Sky to disappear.

Players have been complaining about it over the weekend on a Reddit thread. According to them, names that have been given to plants and animals have been erased. Discoveries were also reset.

A Redditor named Dark_Nexis detailed that he went back to his home planet after reaching the center of the galaxy. While the system and planet names were still in place, everything else was mysteriously gone.

A similar experience was also narrated by user named Ultrasilvanus. He had traveled back to his starting planet and reviewed his list of discoveries. The system and planets that he went to were clearly marked as his discoveries and the planets list 100 percent completion for animal scans. However, there were no animals and plants in the gallery. Only a bunch of question marks were there. Upon seeing that his account has seemingly been corrupted, Ultrasilvanus listed the checkpoints and animals he’d discovered. He went back to the list the next day and saw that the planet was wiped clean. Ultrasilvanus also added that the discoveries were erased in chronological order.

A third Redditor named Homesickalienz also shared something similar. He said that he was able to find and name around 15 different save points. However, only six have been appearing in the list. He also added that the last discovery vanishes whenever he finds a new one.

No Man's Sky

Players have concluded that No Man?s Sky could be having problems with uploading data to the remote servers. According to PC Gamer, Hello Games also hasn?t responded to the bug. ?

However, one of the complainants was seemingly able to find a solution to the bug in No Man?s Sky. According to Dark_Nexis, he was able to resolve the problem by reinstalling and reloading the game. After a while, all the discoveries re-appeared on his starting planet.

Dark_Nexis also pointed out that the game begins to get problems when a player is already too far away from his starting point. This supposedly causes server lags as the game takes a long time to find old information.

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