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No Man’s Sky Basics For Beginners, Things You Need To Know

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No Man's Sky

No Man’s Sky is big, like really massive. It is easy to get lost in the game especially for beginners who just started a new game. That is why TheBitBag came up with a list of things gamers need to know when starting a new No Man’s Sky game.

Know your HUD

The HUD or heads-up-display is your lifeline to exploring planets. It will tell you a lot of information that are vital to your survival. The most important of all is your health and shield. Shown on the upper left hand corner of your HUD, be sure to keep them in-check.

The top-right portion of the HUD is for the multi-tool. It shows information mostly about the weapon or tool you are currently using and its current status.

Just below your multi-tool is your wanted level. This indicates how notorious the player is with the sentinels. Red is a bad color to see especially when you have all five of them.

No Man's Sky

No Man’s Sky HUD (via polygon.com)

The center part of the HUD is a mini-map. This thing is handy when you feel like you?re lost and you can not find your ship. All you have to do is turn around until you see the blimp for your ship. This mini-map will tell you where your ship is no matter where you are, as well as other interesting points.

The lower left side corner is the environmental information. This shows the current environmental condition of the planet you are in. It also shows you the current status of your exosuit and lets your know when to replenish your life support.

Finally, the lower right side of the HUD. This section shows your gadgets including your stamina and inventory and their current state. When they are maxed out, their icon will turn red.

Avoid hoarding elements

No Man?s Sky inventory is very limited. With that, it is important that you understand which elements you need and don?t need. For instance, Carbon. Normally used to replenish your life support. However, since this element is available in abundance everywhere, there is no need to maintain a big stockpile. If you are running low, just step out of your ship and zap the next plant or rock that you can find. However, there are elements that are quite important as well, like Thamium. This element is quite rare especially when you?re on a planet so keeping a healthy supply of it would be deemed wise. Also, Thamium is used to repair your ship?s Pulse Drive.

Identify everything

The main point of No Man’s Sky is exploration and discovery. When you first set off on a new planet, one of the first things that you should do is identify everything. Literally, everything. Identifying available ?flora and fauna? is quite important as you also earn ?money? from it. Also, you get to name all your discoveries.

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