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No Man?s Sky Atlas Path: Why You Shouldn?t Enter Black Holes

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Players will encounter Space Anomalies throughout their journey in No Man?s Sky. Entering these areas will allow you to interact with the Korvax named Nada and the Gek called Polo. Interacting with Nada will yield players three options: continue their No Man?s Sky Atlas Path, ask help in locating a Black Hole, or ask for resources. If you want to accomplish your Atlas Path mission, you should refrain from using Black Holes as it may prevent you from finishing this quest.

The Problem With Black Holes

So why shouldn?t players choose to enter Black Holes? Using Black Holes will warp you over a hundred light?years somewhere in the galaxy, and around 1,000 light years closer to the center of the galaxy. This causes a huge problem in achieving the Atlas Path ending as players need to arrive in all the designated Atlas Stations in order to finish the quest. Entering the Black Hole will warp you far away from these Atlas Stations, and you either have to backtrack to these locations or keep chugging towards the center of the galaxy to receive a different Atlas Station waypoint. But there is a bigger problem that will happen if you continuously use Black Holes.

Bug That Will Break Your No Man?s Sky Atlas Path Quest

What if you use another Black Hole instead of backtracking to that far away Atlas Station? Not only will you have to travel further away just to get back to the Atlas Station, you might not even get to finish the quest at all because of a poorly implemented waypoint system in the game.

Basically, players are unable to remove custom waypoints they have selected. However, unlike custom waypoints in free roam, players automatically receive custom Atlas Station waypoints. A total of 3 waypoints can be used in the galactic map and once players receive a total of 3 Atlas Station waypoints, they are basically screwed. This dilemma has plagued some users, and they can only wait for Hello Games to fix this oversight via an update or delete their save file.

You'll see a lot more of these things as you go along the Atlas Path quest.

You’ll see a lot more of these things as you go along the Atlas Path quest.

This issue was encountered by players on the game?s first week of launch, so it remains to be seen if the recently released update has already fixed the problem. Keep checking TheBitBag for the latest updates on No Man?s Sky.

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