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No Man?s Sky Atlas Path: What To Do Next After Giving 10 Atlas Stones [Spoilers]

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Starting the?No Man?s Sky Atlas Path will allow players to travel to Atlas Stations. Travelling to these areas nets players?an Atlas Stone as well as some understanding about the game?s lore. The ending of the Atlas Path might be confusing to some as it doesn’t pop-up a cutscene and no further instructions are given to players after fulfilling their mission, making players feel that the game bugged out on them. Here’s a guide on where you should go next after finishing the Atlas Path and be warned, there are huge?spoilers incoming after the image of the huge grizzly bear below.

No Man's Sky Creature


At the end of the No Man’s Sky Atlas path, players arrive at an Atlas Station where they can?surrender their 10 Atlas stones so they can ?birth a new star?. ?Alternatively, they can also ?walk away and return to the galaxy?. Apparently, as seen on some forums, players who finished the Atlas Path were?expecting to see an ending cutscene and start immediately with their ?new game plus? after they give away all their Atlas Stones, but this isn’t the case.

Another thing that makes the end of the Atlas Path feel confusing for some is is that the game?doesn’t exactly tell them where they should go next after finishing their mission. This happens regardless if you gave away your 10 Atlas Stones or not. The only difference is that those who gave away the 10 Atlas Stones will now have black hole locations marked on their galactic map.

Where to go next

The Atlas Path is only a quest line and it doesn’t matter if you don’t turn over your 10 Atlas Stones. The only benefit for giving away the Atlas Stones is that players have an option to?travel faster to the center of the galaxy via black holes.

So, what do you do after finishing the Atlas Path? Your main goal remains the same, which is to travel to the center of the galaxy. You can follow the path leading to the center of the galaxy or freely roam to the center. You can also enter black holes, which will allow you to travel a couple of light years to the center. Take note though that while using black holes will enable you to get faster to the center as it warps?you over 11,000 light years forward, it isn?t advisable as it will destroy some parts of your starship.

In short, just enjoy the game after completing the Atlas Path and keep on progressing to the center of the galaxy as you see fit. It?s the journey that matters anyway, and not the destination, especially as reaching the ?ending? of No Man?s Sky doesn?t yield any in-game rewards.

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