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No Man’s Sky Atlas Pass V2 And V3: Guaranteed Way To Get High Level Keycards Without Grinding Colonial Outposts

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No Man's Sky

We?ve tackled before how to get V1 Atlas Passes in No Man?s Sky. These special keycards are needed to get behind a lot of locked content in the game, so they?re pretty useful if players want to get their hands on rare items, upgrades and equipment. This time, we?ll show some surefire ways to get a No Man?s Sky Atlas Pass with V2 and V3 levels.

Redditor Nocturnalupn shared a good tip on getting V2 and V3 Atlas Passes. This tip saves up a lot of time as players no longer have to grind their way through several colonial outposts to get them. Instead, players only need to visit Space Anomalies with a few milestones in tow.

Space Anomalies have two very special NPCs, the Korvax, Nada and the Gek, Polo. Nada gives players three options to choose from, while Polo just likes to examine the players? milestones and achievements.
Players have the opportunity to get a No Man?s Sky Atlas Pass with V2 and V3 levels when Polo asks to see the players? milestones. When Polo gets to the last half of the milestones, he will give the player a V2 Atlas Pass. Then for V3 Atlas Passes, Polo will give it on the third or second to the last milestone.

The player confirmed that there are others who have acquired a No Man?s Sky Atlas Pass in the same method, so we can say that getting our hands on V2 and V3 Atlas Passes are easier now.

The only problem now is getting to Space Anomalies. According to the player, the best way to get to a space anomaly is by instantly moving away from a star system after the player has visited an Atlas Station. If the player does this, there is a guaranteed Space Anomaly that?s going to appear in the next star system.

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