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No Man’s Sky Atlas Pass V1: Where To Get The Item To Open Locked Cargo And Doors

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There?s a lot going on in No Man?s Sky and it may be too much to digest for some. The game does offer a tutorial, but it skips on providing more in-depth details in the game. Players are left to discover things on their own which is alright as it is the main theme of the game. There are some concepts that may be too hard to explore on our own, and one of those is the No Man?s Sky Atlas Pass.

An Atlas Pass functions similarly to a key or keycard in No Man?s Sky. The lack of Atlas pass doesn?t bar access to some planets as all planets in the game?s vast galaxy is readily accessible; instead, having one allows access to locked doors in outposts, space stations and other things. It?s an important item as it will make the journey to the center of the galaxy way easier.

Early on in the game, players will be asked to go to an Atlas Station. This happens after the player fixes his ship and begins venturing into the galaxy. Finding the Atlas Station isn?t all too hard as it will appear as a waypoint. This area will provide an introduction to one of the core factions in the game. Once the introductions are done, players will be given a No Man?s Sky Atlas Pass V1 recipe for their trouble. ?From then on, getting an Atlas Pass is as simple as getting the required materials.

As the name suggests, Atlas Pass V1 is one of several Atlas Passes, and players will come across more in their journey. Higher leveled doors will require a different No Man?s Sky Atlas Pass, and Atlas Pass V1 grants access to the lowest level of locked doors and other locked objects. We?ve yet to discover how high-level Atlas Passes can be acquired, but tune in to us here on TheBitbag for future guides on these valuable items.

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