No Man’s Sky Alternatives: Best Space Games You Should Play

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No Man's Sky Alternatives

No Man?s Sky won?t be out until June this year. To quench your space exploration thirst, here are other games that you should consider picking up to get ready for No Man?s Sky.


Noctis is heavily similar to No Man?s Sky but is more abstract than the upcoming game. Interactables or room for player interaction won?t happen during any of your playthrough due to the game?s dated engine. The game only focuses on exploration and discovery, perfect for those people who just want safe and somber journeys to the unknown.

Kerbal Space Program

Kerbal Space Program is out on Steam and is currently one of the strongest space games in current-gen platforms because of its heavy emphasis on rocket science realism and the accurate laws of physics incorporated in space travel. Don?t let the cutesy design fool you; the game is mechanically difficult and you?re bound to fail several times, as mentioned in the positive reviews of the title on Steam.

The game features making your own spacecraft which take you places in the Solar System. Kerbal Space Program is a good exploration game if you can manage to understand how to make correct rocket designs either by trial and error or by asking people around. Knowledge about gravitational forces and other space travel basics may come in handy in for the highly anticipated game this June.

Space Engine

Perhaps Space Engine is the middle ground of Noctis and No Man?s Sky when it comes to visuals and system. Space Engine looks better and less abstract than Noctis but lacks the animated life found in No Man?s Sky. Players can freely visit randomly generated planets and just enjoy the some unique scenery. This sense of wonder and traveling may be present in the upcoming game this June. It might be best to train your planet-finding senses to unearth undiscovered planets later in the game.

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