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No Man's Sky

Space travel, procedural generation, and personal adventures await in the upcoming game No Man?s Sky, which will be released next month. However, Chucklefish Games has just released Starbound, which oddly shares some of the game?s charm but is less focused on sightseeing and exploration. If you want to scratch that No Man?s Sky itch right now, picking up Starbound is a good idea.

In hindsight, Starbound from Chucklefish Games may remind its potential players more of Terraria than No Man?s Sky. The terrain in Starbound has side-scrolling worlds and artstyle which definitely reminds one of Re-Logic?s Terraria. However, Starbound?s use of spaceships, alien races, and interplanetary setting makes it similar to No Man?s Sky?s setting.

Similar to the upcoming game?s procedurally generated planets, Starbound also has an assortment of planets or areas to visit and gather resources from in the game. Players can also craft items and build structures in Starbound. Characters also have a variety of craftable equipment — from protective suits to firearms, and swords.

Starbound also operates on procedurally generated systems. The variety of planets in the game encourages the players to explore more once they get a hang of it. Space travel in Starbound is simpler than No Man?s Sky as players operate a series of menus in their spaceship to get to planets instead of enjoying the view during their planet-hopping. However, Starbound focuses more on combative systems due to extended movement options like dashes as well as the myriad of weapons and plethora of monsters to fight in the game. More than mapping out uncharted planets in the universe, Starbound focuses more on the resource gathering and adventures to enjoy in each planet.

Currently, Starbound is available on Steam for $15. This game is perfect for those who want No Man?s Sky action but less in terms of space exploration setting.

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