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No Man’s Sky: Advertised Features We’ve Yet To See In-Game

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No Man's Sky

Players are still knee-deep in discovering all the hidden gems in No Man?s Sky, and it feels like there?s a lot more we?ve yet to know. From portals to star systems, the game doesn?t say everything to the player at the tutorial. Unlike the tutorial, Hello Games has been pretty vocal about the game before it released. It had a ton of promises for the title, but it seems most of the promised features are missing right now.

Redditor MeetWayneKerr recently shared a long list of promises made by Sean Murray and Hello Games before. There?s surprisingly a lot of features and gameplay mechanics revealed before, but there?s no sign of them in No Man?s Sky.

First off, the Redditor listed down the promised space gameplay elements that are not in the game. Two of these are the ability to land on asteroids and the ability to destroy space stations. Both features sound pretty promising as the space gameplay feels stale currently and only feels different when a space pirate encounter occurs.

When it comes to the static NPCs of the game, Hello Games promised a deeper connection with the different alien life forms. Factions were expected to play a vital role in the game, but all players have for now is a simple measurement of how the alien race treats the player.

There are a lot more missing features listed down by the player and all come with proofs. Based on the list, No Man?s Sky is meatier when it was being advertised before, and the current version we have now feels empty.

It?s possible that all these features are still being developed and could be added through the free DLCs promised by Hello Games. It?s also possible that some of the features already exist in-game and players have yet to discover them.

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