No Man?s Sky: 6GB File Size Doesn’t Mean It Lacks Content

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No Man?s Sky

While everyone was expecting No Man?s Sky?s file size to be huge, Hello Games surprised everyone. The game is just 6GB?s worth of data which you can download on your PS4 or PC next month. As the studio claims that the game features 18 quintillion planets, many were bewildered how the developers were able to make the game?s file size small.

After Murray revealed last week that the game has finally gone gold, Murray recently announced on Twitter that the game?s file size is mostly audio. This is obviously a surprising fact which led to fans wondering how the developer managed to deliver the game in a very small size. If we compare it with other titles, the game is very small in terms of size.

Those who are wondering how the studio achieved this small file size for a game like No Man?s Sky should note that it procedurally generates the environment. Everything is procedurally generated — from planets to space stations, NPCs, mountains and lakes. This type of coding helped the developer pack the game in just 6GB of storage.

On its official website, developers and artists of Hello Games explained how the procedural generation works in the game. In a video shared by the developer, the team revealed that the whole environment, including the planets, creatures, ships and resources, are generated automatically. Each creature has its own individual style, and every object you encounter has its own behavior.

In simple terms, the game only renders the surroundings of the players depending on their position. Therefore, the planets you are not visiting at the moment don?t exist at all, but whenever you head to a new one, it appears with a unique environment and surroundings. No Man?s Sky will be released on August 9 on PS4 and PC.

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