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No Man’s Sky PC Tips: How To Play The Game With Higher FPS

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Excited fans are already asking for suggestions on how to improve their gaming experience on No Man?s Sky even though it is recently released on PC. Gamers have found a way to play the game with higher quality just by setting the FPS to maximum.

Loads of questions have already been spreading on the internet with fans still getting used to playing the game on PC. But one question that may be plaguing everyone online is: ?How do you play the game with higher FPS??

No Man’s Sky is poor on PC?

A Reddit user claimed that simply setting the FPS to maximum in No Man?s Sky will improve the gaming quality with supposedly no issue. When a gamer modifies the max FPS to 60, it will supposedly only have 45. And when it?s pushed to 90, it will only be moved to 60. So the only probable answer that the Reddit user was able to come up with was to set the framerate to max.

No Man?s Sky launch on the PlayStation 4 could be considered as a success after a seemingly endless amount of waiting. Although when it launched on PC, a number of glitches and crashes may have given the game a rough time.

Ars Technica mentioned how the game received ?mostly negative? reviews when it launched on PC and how complaints about framerate hitches and system crashes have piled up some issues on the game.

But even if the game developers still need a lot of tweaking before they can make the game better, PC users can still follow some helpful No Man?s Sky PC Tips that have been recently surfacing online.

A YouTube video was posted sharing suggestions on potentially fixing fps drops in the game?s PC version. You can check the video below and gain some helpful tips to keep you hooked on the game.

No Man?s Sky developer Sean Murray from Hello Games is probably already hard at work developing some updates for the game?s glitches and other problems so it will only be a matter of time before you can enjoy the game with no hassle.

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