No MacBook Air Release at Apple’s Mar. 21 Launch Event?

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MacBook Air 2016

Apple MacBook Air 2016 rumors have been circulating on the web for quite some time. Some media reports have also mentioned the Macbook Air 2016 specifications, with some even detailing the laptop?s processor and operating system.

As we know, Apple will host an event on March 21, and rumors suggest that the Cupertino-based company may announce its much-awaited Macbook Air 2016 there. However, the company has not even confirmed any detail regarding the announcement, and it is also possible that Apple will not introduce MacBook Air 2016 anytime soon.

If we try to look at what Apple did last year, the company did not reveal the Apple Macbook Air with Retina display in its March event. Everyone was expecting the announcement from Apple, but the company did not drop details then. The company introduced instead a brand new MacBook line featuring super light, super thin and high-resolution display.

According to Mobipicker, Apple will launch a MacBook Air 2016, and the device will feature the El Capitan operating system with Intel Skylake processor. Other reports suggest that there is a possibility that Apple may introduce MacBook Air 2016 with an upgrade to the highly anticipated feature Retina display. It is not confirmed whether or not the device will be present at the company?s March event. ?

Apple?s launch event is not far away, but the company has not even hinted at MacBook-related announcements. It is possible that the company may not fulfill the expectations of Apple fans in the upcoming event.

As previously noted, the company surprised fans last year by revealing a Retina MacBook while everyone was expecting MacBook Air 2015. At that time, Apple introduced a 12-inch MacBook that features a USB-C port. The company also introduced a new lineup of Apple?s laptop.

It would be interesting to see what comes out from Apple?s March 21 event. Those interested in watching the event live can do so through Apple?s stream at 5 p.m. UK time. The event will last around one to two hours. Apple?s official website will provide the live streaming on the said March 21 event.

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