No DNA Found in Knife Buried in Former O.J. Simpson Estate?

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O.J. Simpson

The O.J. Simpson murder case and subsequent trial was one of the most followed stories during the 1990?s. It was the talk of the town, and it really captured the imagination of people all over the world. Even decades later, its influence can still be observed with it being the inspiration for the latest television show ?American Crime Story: The People vs. O.J. Simpson.?

Several weeks ago, the O.J. Simpson murder case got a major breakthrough almost 12 years after the brutal killing of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman allegedly by the former NFL superstar. CNN reported that a retired police officer was in possession of a knife supposedly found in the former estate of Simpson. News of the knife reached the higher management in the LAPD, and it was eventually submitted for testing.

No murder weapon was actually found during the course of the investigation, and the discovery of the knife fueled speculation once more if it could potentially be the knife that killed O.J.?s ex-wife and her friend. One of big questions was, is there any DNA on the knife that could prove its connection with the murder?

Well, TMZ reports that the answer to this question is no. According to their sources, the LAPD did not find any trace of DNA on the knife. The report further states that there was no hair or other sample on the knife that could produce a lead.

Not long after TMZ released their report, the LAPD released a statement that the lead investigator has not received any of the information in the report from the crime lab, according to TThe Wrap. The denial of the LAPD only made the situation all the more interesting and it is surely a developing story that everyone will be watching out for.

Do you think that the knife found in O.J?s estate could be the murder weapon? I guess we?ll find out the answer soon enough.

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