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No Man?s Sky Survive Trailer: All Hostile Elements Shown

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No Man?s Sky

Sony PlayStation has released a No Man?s Sky Survive trailer for the upcoming space simulator by Hello Games. The new trailer showcases all the hostile elements of the game which include robots, alien creatures, sentinels, spaceships and in-game environment such as toxic rain, acid rain, radiation, and extreme weather condition. The hostile environment featured in No Man?s Sky makes the game more challenging.

Hello Games focused on four major elements in the survival game. The four major areas of the game are trade, survival, combat and exploration. For all of its major elements, Sony has released trailers to showcase what?s coming in No Man?s Sky.

The new trailer highlights the challenging parts of the game. The Survive trailer is enough to give potential players an idea on how they will face the challenges from the hostile elements. Players will have to make sure that they are protected against these destructive elements, from extremely hot planets to freezing lands and more.

To survive radiation and acid rain, players will need to seek shelter. There will be an option to equip your space suit for hazard protection. Keeping the suit temperature will play a major role in the game; it will prevent you from being exposed to danger.

Meanwhile, to survive the attacks from inhabitants and nature, players should ensure that their space suit and weapons are environment-friendly and are constantly upgraded. Hello Games has already released three guides, and the new trailer is the last from the episodic series of the videos.

The new video also showcases some of the planets that have already been featured in the previous clips unveiled by the company. However, it also features new planets and locations which have never been explored before.

No Man?s Sky will be launched on August 9 for PS4. The game?s release on PC has been delayed to August 12.

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