Nioh DLC: What’s Next After Dragon Of The North?

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After the events of Nioh’s first expansion, Dragon of the North, William is still up for more adventures in Japan to stop Amrita use in wars. After dealing with Masamune Date, the Sanada clan seems to be the next enemy for the Defiant Honor DLC. Here’s what we know about the upcoming Nioh DLC.

Dragon of the North’s Aftermath

In the Dragon of the North DLC, most of Date’s forces have used Amrita to become demons to kill the Tokugawa army. William succeeds in quelling the Date clan forces through defeating its generals and Masamune Date himself. At the end of the DLC, it’s revealed that Date’s Spanish attendant, Maria, has supplied Amrita to the Date forces with the support of the Spanish kingdom. At the end of the DLC, Maria is now seen with the Sanada clan in the Sanada-maru fort.

We’ve yet to confirm if the Sanada clan is William’s allies but the historical clues and story heavily hint that they’re enemies. Historically, the Sanada clan fought Tokugawa Ieyasu in the Siege of Osaka. Nioh’s main protagonist, William, is currently allied with the Tokugawa clan as he has friends on their side, namely Hattori Hanzo, and Okitsu. The clan is known for their role in repelling the Tokugawa forces in this specific war.

Koei Tecmo’s Sanada History

The main Nioh story didn’t mention the Sanada clan even for just one simple Samurai Warriors easter egg. During the whole run of the Samurai Warriors musou series, Yukimura Sanada is considered its mascot and main character. Technically, the two upcoming DLCs will feature a clash between two of Koei Tecmo’s main protagonists. We’ve yet to see if Nioh’s Yukimura Sanada has any resemblance to the Samurai Warriors character.

The Two Upcoming DLCs

The Nioh Season Pass released last February states that the last two DLCs, Defiant Honor and Bloodshed’s End, will feature the Winter and Summer Campaign in the Siege of Osaka. Historically, the Sanada clan loses the battle along with many of their generals after a good fight. However, the Nioh series puts a slight twist in the Sengoku period wars through inserting the powers of Amrita and political meddling of known European countries in Japan. We’ve yet to see how will Nioh finish its series with these two DLC expansions. Stay updated with more Nioh news here on The Bitbag.

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