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Nioh Update Nerfs The Game’s “Easy Mode” Magic Spell

nioh update
Nioh’s sloth magic has gotten a massive nerf. [Image from PlayStation]

The most recent Nioh update has been released and it looks like the game’s “easy mode” has been removed. For those unfamiliar, using the game’s sloth magic on bosses makes them slow and easy to kill, hence “easy mode.” Now that the sloth magic has been balanced, it has gotten a mixed reception from fans of the game.

Confirming the nerfed spell on Reddit, some fans stated that Sloth only works for about five seconds now. While still giving the player an advantage, it won’t last long and the game’s difficulty level will remain the same. Players up for a challenge will appreciate this, but those that are grinding for the DLC expansions will be disappointed.

The Line Between Strategy and Cheating

Fans have mixed opinions on what the Nioh update did to sloth magic, since this allowed for easy grinding. Granted, most fans of Dark Souls-esque games would balk at the word easy in their games, hence the sloth nerfing. That being said, some fans are fine with the nerf, since the spell wasn’t completely removed from the game.

Some fans have even defended the nerf, since the spell would remove all the challenge from a hard game. Furthermore, the spell made sure that all the bosses were easy to kill, even the supposedly difficult DLC ones. There’s definitely an argument regarding the spell, since it might have crossed the line between strategy and cheating.

Back to Grinding Fairly

Regardless of how everyone feels, the Nioh update has made the nerfed sloth spell permanent, at least for now. It definitely makes the game challenging again, especially to those that spammed it more than an internet troll. Players can always go back to previous levels and fight weaker bosses to level up to get ready for the DLC.

Nioh is currently one of the better PS4 exclusive games, successfully mixing Dark Souls-esque gameplay with a Japanese fantasy setting. While some would argue that it’s easier than a Dark Souls game, it’s a decent challenge in it’s own right. The sloth spell might have turned the bosses into jokes, but fans won’t be laughing anymore with the new update. The director of Nioh previously said the title is intended to be a “masocore” game, so the nerf isn’t surprising.

The Nioh update is available now to those that already own the game, with more DLC coming to soon. Dragon of the North, one of the game’s paid expansions, is available for download now. Fans that haven’t gotten the game should consider doing so, since it’s a unique and imaginative title.

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