Nioh Update 1.11 Fixes Online Multiplayer Bugs

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Nioh update 1.11
Source: Nioh – Dragon of the North DLC 1 Trailer | PS4 video

Koei Tecmo has recently pushed out the Nioh update 1.11 that fixes some online multiplayer bugs. The patch also fixes other minor issues to prevent them from happening in-game. Here’s what we know abou Nioh update 1.11.

Online Update

According to the English translation of the patch on the Nioh subreddit, the new update has two fixes for its online multiplayer mode. Nioh update 1.11 now prevents the online multiplayer from being unable to find other available sessions at certain times. Obviously, this online multiplayer bug breaks the co-op experience as players couldn’t find others to join in. Casual players could team up to help their friends progress in the game while strangers can also join in to assist players for extra Amrita and equipment.

The second online multiplayer update is a minor fix for Visitor item refills when the host visits Shrines. Nioh shrines fully heal the host and refill all Elixirs, ninja tools, and Onmyo Talismans whenever possible. Some characters who’ve built into Ninjutsu and Onmyo spells definitely had a hard time as most of their skills are tied to usable items. Meanwhile, visiting players who need Elixir refills might’ve had to farm it from enemies or rely on Hot Springs for healing. These fixes should normalize the online experience as intended.

Other Fixes

The Nioh update 1.11 also fixes bugs with the Enlightenment mystic art, Awakening mystic art, and the Daiba-Washi Guardian Spirit attack. The bugs could cause glitches that could be advantageous to characters in some way.

The Enlightenment and Awakening mystic art allows players to use ninja tool and talisman buffs instantaneously, which is definitely helpful to most players. However, the bug prevents queued commands and shortens skill delay if players keep spamming their instant casts.

Meanwhile, attacking enemies with  Daiba-Washi’s Guardian Spirit attack caused enemies to sink through the floor. Technically, it could assure removal of the enemy from the battle but the loot drops from them might not be obtainable anymore. Additionally, Daiba-Washi is a starting Guardian Spirit, which could be problematic if their newer players get used to the bug’s effect.

Future Updates

Currently, the fans have the first post-launch DLC, Dragon of the North. Koei Tecmo promised three post-launch DLCs. E3 2017 is right around the corner and the Sony E3 conference might have information about the next Nioh DLCs. Stay updated with more Nioh news here on The Bitbag.

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