Nioh Update 1.09 Patch Notes: Important Adjustments And Bug Fixes In The Latest Patch

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Nioh Update 1.03
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Team Ninja’s Nioh has a new update today and players are going to get a few bug fixes and gameplay improvements with it. The update is now ready for download so players should get to installing the patch as soon as possible. Here’s every important detail of the Nioh update 1.09.

Team Ninja shared the patch notes of Nioh update 1.09 and it shows quite a few tweaks and other important changes for the game. The update focuses heavily on bug fixes so players can expect a smoother playing once the update has been downloaded.

Adjustments And Improvements

In the update, Team Ninja has implemented new countermeasures for “unfair/questionable” actions during PVP and Clan Battles, but we’ve yet to know exactly what the new countermeasures are. Those are the only changes noted for PVP and Clan Battles but with it, players can expect to have a better time in PVP as players are more unlikely to make unfair actions.

When it comes to the single-player experience, there’s now a lower chance of triggering a special effect “Damage Towards [Enemy Type].” Another minor change is that players an now skip the animation when obtaining a prestige.

And for those looking to get the Naked Brawler Combat Title, it’s worth noting that the title can now be acquired even if the player is wearing an accessory whereas it can only be acquired if players are completely without equipment before. There are also newly added details for how players can acquire the other titles. The last of the adjustments for the game is that the Kapp’a’s position has been moved in the mission “The One-Eyed Dragon’s Castle.”

Bug Fixes

As for bug fixes, Team Ninja had addressed a lot of major and minor issues in the game. Overall, the update and overall, Nioh update 1.09 is set to provide a better gaming experience. Those who’ve experienced a few game breaking bugs should look at the patch notes as most of them have been in the new update.

One fix in particular is for a bug that would cause skills to not be properly set after changing equipment sets. When it comes to boss battles, Team Ninja has fixed a troublesome bug that causes the boss door in the “Yokai Country” to remain locked after players save and reload.

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