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Nioh Update 1.07 Live, Adds Free PvP And Dragon Of The North DLC

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Nioh Update 1.07
Nioh Dragon of the North DLC trailer from Japanese Koei Tecmo Youtube Channel

Nioh update 1.07 just rolled out in the West and the official website of the game has just listed down the full patch notes. The new patch includes the long-awaited PvP feature, and Dragon of the North expansion as its major new content additions. The Nioh update 1.07 also has some free content and other balancing changes.

Nioh Update 1.07

The official Nioh site has listed down the patch notes for update 1.08. We ourselves have an Asian copy and have received the 6GB update 1.08 on our PS4. It’s likely the version number is simply different in the West as several Reddit users reported that patch 1.07 rolled just now with the same content. The new update promises a major feature, DLC expansion, free contents, and bug fixes. Update 1.07 is around 6 GB large since it does have a new expansion and several new features in it.

Long Awaited PvP And Expansion

As of Nioh update 1.07, an online PvP game mode is now available for players through the Torii Gate. Additionally, support for the Dragon of The North DLC is also included in the Nioh update 1.07. Those without the Season Pass must download it on the PlayStation store.

The patch notes doesn’t say much about its story content but its official that Masamune Date will be in this story DLC. More than story updates, a new weapon “Odachi” and a higher difficulty setting will also be included in this patch. Lastly, new Guardian Spirits and accessories are confirmed in this expansion.

Free Content

Nioh’s new update also includes some free content which players without the new DLC or Season Pass can enjoy. New female character skins, gestures, and equipment set effects are now added as of this patch. The screenshots confirm the Onmyo mage Fuku and Blacksmith shop keeper girl Tome as one of the new female skins in Nioh.

Gameplay Tweaks

Lastly, the Nioh update 1.07 also brings in adjustments to character skills and fixes  game breaking issues. The Axe Samurai skill tree got buffed as one of its skill got faster. Meanwhile, gamebreaking issues like being locked inside a room are also fixed. Stay updated with more Nioh news here on The BitBag.

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