Nioh Update 1.03: More Ochoko Cups, Bug Fixes, And What We Know About The Latest PS4 Patch

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Nioh Update 1.03
Source: Nioh | PSX 2016 Gameplay Trailer | PS4 video

Recently, a 31.79MB Nioh update 1.03 rolled out on the PlayStation 4. The official Team Ninja Twitter posted the patch notes, but it’s written mostly in Japanese. Here’s what we know so far about the recent update 1.03

Nioh Update 1.03

As posted on the Team Ninja Twitter account, the Nioh update 1.03 includes new additions and fixes. According to Reddit User legendarylos’ translation of update 1.03’s changes, there have been changes to the Hidden Teahouse as well as tweaks to the Ochoko drops. A few bug fixes are included as well.

Ochoko Cup Changes

As of Nioh update 1.03, regular enemies will drop Ochoko during online co-op play according to Team Ninja’s Nioh patch notes on Twitter. In solo-play, Ochoko has a chance to drop after defeating Revenants. In rare cases, some Ochoko cups can also be found in treasure chests. Ochoko cups are offered on the Shrine to allow other players to join your session and help you out until you clear the map. If the players are skilled enough, they can easily farm Ochoko from Revenants through slowly chipping off their HP instead of facing them head-on.

Increased Ochoko Drop Rate In Torii Gate Co-op

Meanwhile, pre-made online co-op missions through the Torii Gate menu allows a more lax online session. Both players have a shared meter that will only deplete if a player dies and can refilled through visiting Shrines. Missions during this mode have increased Ochoko drop-rate which makes three Ochoko cups in one loot bag fairly usual. The new Nioh update 1.03 Ochoko Cup drop changes may allow regular Torii Gate players to have many Ochoko cups in their inventory.

Other Changes

Meanwhile, a Hidden Teahouse crafting change, Magatama of Fire mission fixes, Magoichi Saika Crusher title bug fix, and an Extraction Talisman nerf have been confirmed in the latest patch. Players may have to explore the game thoroughly if Team Ninja included hidden updates like festive Nioh Valentine’s Day content.

Nioh so far

Nioh has just been released worldwide as of February 9. So far, no game-breaking bugs have surfaced in its early days of release. The game has barely a week of live gameplay and has yet to confirm any major expansions in its DLC.

As of now, the game’s content consists of William’s involvement with the key figures of Sengoku Jidai wars. In trade of his assistance in dealing with Yokai and other missions, William hopes to find information about the man that stole his Guardian Spirit.  For now, players will have to wait for the next patch after Nioh update 1.03 if they want to know any upcoming major updates.

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