Nioh PS4 Release: New Screenshots Reveal More Yokai And Demo Boss As Regular Enemies?

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Recently, Team Ninja has released new promotional images for Nioh. Apparently, the images were taken from Nioh reveals last November and PlayStation Experience 2016. The pictures reveal more enemy Yokai and even one of the demo bosses itself.

New Images Shown

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According to HelenaHarper?s thread on the ?Nioh Reddit, an album of Nioh screenshots have been posted on the game?s official site. More of William?s ?enemies and costumes are featured in the album. Fans waiting for or considering this game?s release on February 2017 can check these first to reassure themselves.

Japanese Folklore Enemies

Since Nioh?s set in feudal Japan, enemies are heavily inspired of Japanese folklore creatures. Yokai, Tsukomogami and other known Japanese mythical creatures are seen in the images. Despite some having outlandish appearances, players are encouraged to be careful and take each enemy seriously. Nioh is inspired by FromSoftware?s Dark Souls games so these enemies can still kill even when you?ve already progressed far in the game.

The Nioh demo?s boss seems to appear frequently in these images. It?s possible that it?ll become a regular foe or a mini-boss in some of the game?s areas.?

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Japanese Costumes and Weapons

More than the enemies, William is seen to wear different costumes and weapons in the promotional shots. Most of the shots depict him wearing an assortment of Samurai armor and even a Japanese monk garb. Additionally, the Japanese chain and sickle weapon, Kusarigama, seems to be an actual weapon in Nioh. Players won?t have to limit themselves to swords, spears and bows if unique Japanese weapons like these are in the game. Potentially, Nioh may have an extensive arsenal of Japanese weapons in the game which ranges deeper than the usual samurais and ninjas used in most media.

Nioh will be released this coming February 2017. Fans of Dark Souls and Japanese folklore will definitely love this game. Fans will have to try it out to see Team Ninja?s take on the Souls genre.

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