Nioh: New Familiarity Features Replaces Durability

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In an interview, Nioh director Fumihiko Yasuda confirmed removing the weapon durability system in the game and replacing it with the ?Familiarity? system. This new system replaces the durability feature as the developers now want to give more incentives to players to continue using their old equipment instead of replacing it immediately with freshly obtained weapons.

Yasuda told Fextralife in an interview that the durability system wasn?t ?compatible with their vision,? and removing it from the game was an easy decision for them. The previous durability system was replaced with the ?familiarity? system that grants bonuses to players whenever they equip weapons that they?ve used before.

Usually, a ?weapon durability? system incorporates a health system on weapons that will temporarily grant disadvantages if the durability level gets low. If it reaches 0% durability, the weapon is rendered useless until repaired, or in extreme scenarios, the weapon breaks and cannot be used again. In high-difficulty games, this systems adds an extra challenge as players will have to rely on their best weapons during fights as they progress further in the game.

Since Nioh is highly likened to the ?Souls? games, losing good weapons will be disastrous for players. Those who were frustrated about this mechanic in the Alpha test can now be at ease. The ?Familiarity? system, on the other hand, rewards players for continuously using the same weapon instead of penalizing them with reduced damage for constant use. To make this system interesting, Team Ninja may have something unique for every weapon, starting from the first sword to the end-game weapon.

Meanwhile, From Software’s Dark Souls 3 has an inconsequential durability system, and the familiarity system only depends on the player?s skill to use the weapon correctly. Weapons would hardly lose durability after you mow down your way to a boss room. Bonfires would also repair all weaponry upon use, so players could just indefinitely return to one if the weapon?s durability gets too low. Lastly, players only receive personal expertise and not in-game bonuses when they repeatedly use a weapon in Dark Souls 3.

Perhaps Team Ninja wants to focus on the systems that From Software barely touched on in their ?Souls? entries. Nioh will release sometime in 2016 and will be exclusively available on the PS4.

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