Nioh March Update 1.06 Patch Notes: 10 Hard Missions, Gameplay Tweaks, And More

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nioh update 1.06
One of the many bosses in Nioh [Image from PlayStation]

Koei Tecmo have announced Nioh update 1.06, a big patch that should put a smile on the faces of fans. Along with the usual bug fixes, the update will come with 10 new missions, each one gifting players with new rewards. Most publishers would make this type of content paid, so this is a treat for fans of the game.

According to the official Nioh twitter page, the update is already available in Japan and should be coming to the rest of the world soon. This is pretty much what fans wanted from this update, so expect plenty of praise, assuming these missions are well designed. Expect this update to start installing on your PS4 soon, along with an overall smoother experience that will make the game better.

More Disciple Fights

As reported by DualShockers , players will get to challenge two disciples once Nioh update 1.06 goes live. The two fierce warriors are Yagyu Munetoshi and Hozoin In’Ei who are disciples of Kensei and Kamiizumi Nobotsuna. Both of them should give players a decent workout, so owners of the game better start grinding to higher levels.

As if those disciples weren’t enough, the game will also have a large yokai boss to fight, along with it’s mini yokai minions. The boss fights in Nioh have been praised, so this should be an update that everyone will say nice things about. Previous updates have also given players great content, like the golden armor one, so this is another nice surprise.

There’s a bunch more changes made in the latest update. Reddit user Reuben_Braxton tried to translate the full patch notes, so you can check it out to get an idea on what to expect, but don’t expect details to be precise. Some of the gameplay tweaks and adjustments include regaining less Living Weapon duration the longer the player uses that state, a nerf to the Suzaku Guardian Spirit, and increased glory for personal ranking in clan battles.

More Free Updates?

Considering the amount of content Nioh update 1.06 will be giving fans, one has to wonder if more free updates will be coming soon. While the usual amount of bug and text fixes are more than expected, few games have given players golden armor and new boss fights for free. Here is hoping that more games follow Nioh’s example, though that seems doubtful, given the amount of money some DLC cost.

Along with Horizon Zero Dawn, Nioh might be one of the PS4’s best exclusives that has been given plenty of positive praise. While the title is often compared to Dark Souls, the setting, monsters, and combat system help make the game feel different and fun. Few games can offer the epic battles that this has, so if you have a PS4 you should get the game now.

Nioh is available now and is a PS4 exclusive. The developers plan to release a PvP mode next month. There’s also paid expansions in the horizon, so there is more to come.

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