Nioh Guardian Spirits: Top 5 Spirits With Longest Living Weapon Duration

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In Nioh, Guardian Spirits give extra stat boosts and decide the player’s Living Weapon element. Fans have found which spirits have the longest Living Weapon duration.Technically, long Living Weapon duration allows the player to use it for an extended amount of time.

Top 5 Spirits

According to aquCHAOS’ thread on the Nioh subreddit, the topic starter tested each Guardian Spirit’s Living Weapon duration. However, aquCHAOS’s tests are focused on raw Living Weapon duration without extra stats and swinging the weapon. Here’s the top 5 spirits according to his tests.

  1. Paired Raiken – 68 seconds
  2. Enko – 54.5 seconds
  3. Suzaku- 54.3 seconds
  4. Atlas Bear – 53.6 seconds
  5. Kato – 52.2 seconds

Raw Duration

These top 5 Nioh Guardian Spirits may have long Living Weapon durations, but players shouldn’t rely on these numbers alone when picking a spirit. Optimally, Living Weapons are best used to clear large mobs enemies or deal heavy damage in boss fights. Living Weapons lose overall duration when swung but recover faster for each instance of Amrita absorption during the state. Killing foes, picking up items off corpses and consuming Spirit Stones are legitimate ways to recover the Living Weapon gauge.

Using Living Weapons in Boss Fights is also optimal even if you don’t have chances to restore the gauge. The Living Weapon gauge also acts a second Health bar as it gets reduced if you’re hit during the Living Weapon state. Use this to your advantage to survive boss fights or to survive when enemy mobs corner you at a bad spot.

Where to Get Them

The Paired Raiken can be obtained once you’ve reunited Tachibana Muneshige with his wife, Lady Ginchiyo. Defeating Ii Naomasa will give you Enko. Meanwhile, Suzaku is rewarded after clearing the”Immortal Flame” mission. Atlas Bear can be your Guardian Spirit after defeating the late game boss Obsidian Samurai. Lastly, Kato is one of the starting Guardian Spirit choices.

Late Game Guardian Spirit Use

During the New Game+ playthrough, Nioh Guardian Spirits can now be upgraded up to level 30.  Each level upgrade will boost the Guardian Spirit’s bonus stats. Players aiming to maximize Guardian Spirits should enter New Game+ mode to start upgrading spirits as soon as possible. Some equipment sets like Yataragasu and Legendary Strategist set to further improve certain Guardian Spirit stats. Make sure to always equip the Guardian Spirit that works best to your character’s stats, element needs, or to counter map hazards in your stage. Stay updated with more Nioh news here on ThebitBag.

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