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Nioh Character Customization: Team Ninja Allows Players To Change William’s Appearance

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Previously, a?Nioh livestream revealed some of the character customization systems in the game. Players can change William?s appearance with costumes and even voices in the game. Fans are also worried if the customizations will be carried over or will be reverted to William in cutscenes. Here?s what we know so far about the Nioh character customization systems.

Character Customization

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According to HelenaHarper?s thread on the Nioh?subreddit, the game will have an NPC that will sell character skins to change William?s appearance. As seen in the images posted, players have a choice to change William?s clothes and even his facial features in some skins. Reddit user MikeStrider also noted that the customizations also change William?s facial hair. Players won?t have to worry about looking the same throughout the whole playthrough.

Clothes For Differentiation

More than just cosmetic changes, the Nioh character customization can help players express themselves or just plain tell the difference between characters. Nioh also has an invasion system roughly similar to FromSoftware?s Dark Souls games, which definitely can help players orient themselves better. Even if the invading character has an ominous aura or not, it still helps to know the invading character from generic enemies based on their costume.

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William Not Geralt

At times, the general Nioh audience jokingly mistakes William for The Witcher?s main character Geralt of Rivia. Both characters have white hair tied into a ponytail, a gruff face, and buff body build. Their facial features also look similar. However, Nioh?s story is based on the life of William Adams, a Western samurai. In Nioh, William seems to dock in Japan from the sea and fights his way against hostile soldiers and Japanese mythological creatures. Meanwhile, Geralt of Rivia?s job is to slay supernatural beings in a fictional European setting.

Potentially, the Nioh character customization system may allow you to change your ?Geralt? look into something else. The game features some feudal era Japanese hairstyle and facial hair. Alternatively, masks and closed helmets are good choices to hide William?s face if you feel like it.

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