Nioh DLC: Fans Want A Horde Mode Expansion

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Is horde mode a DLC pack coming to Nioh? [Image from PlayStation]

As fans discuss what they want from the upcoming Nioh DLC, some have expressed interest in a horde mode. It’s a mode that could be incredibly difficult for fans, but could provide an excellent challenge for hardcore players. With more DLC coming soon, a horde mode would be a fun way to replay it without going through the story again.

Fans on Reddit expressed interest in a really hard horde mode, especially if it has some form of online co-op. Players have envisioned a Dynasty Warriors-esque scenario where a ton of enemies surround players and must be defeated. After waves of fodder enemies are disposed of, a boss comes and the challenge continues for even more hours of combat.

Constant DLC Updates

Currently, there is a bunch of Nioh DLC available already, including an extra campaign and extra armor for William. Free PvP has also been added via an update, so players that want to test their skills against others can finally do so. Overall, there’s a lot of content for fans to sink their teeth into, so the game is already worth buying.

Having a new horde mode would be very interesting, since it’s something other Dark Souls-esque games have not tried yet. To be fair, combat in these games have always been about timing and dodgin, so it might not fit well. Some would argue that Nioh’s combat is faster and more diverse, but it’s no God of War or Dynasty Warriors.

Son Of A Horde

Only time will tell if Koei Tecmo listen to fans about a possible horde mode for the upcoming Nioh DLC. Aside from new campaigns and bosses, it’s not clear what the other paid DLC and free content will be like. Still, considering how good the game currently is, no one will be whining much if it doesn’t happen.

Nioh came out to critical acclaim, immediately hailed as one of the best PS4 exclusives out for the console. Considering how the console is home to titles like Horizon: Zero Dawn and Persona 5, that is saying a lot. With even more content coming to the title, it seems like fans will be replaying the game for some time.

Fans interested in the title can get Nioh right now on PS4, in digital and retail stores. The season pass is also available, so anyone interested in more content can get that as well. Patches have also added some free content, so there is more to do than before.

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