Nioh Defiant Honor DLC Makes Your Strong Gear Obsolete

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Source: Nioh | Extended Tokyo Game Show Trailer | PS4 video

Team Ninja’s Tom Lee announced that the second Nioh Defiant Honor DLC will arrive this coming July 25. Due to the new equipment updates, players will have to let go of their strong gears as they’ll become obsolete.

Lee’s post on the US PlayStation Blog confirms that a new content coming to Nioh. Missions to fight off the Sanada clan, new harder difficulties, new equipment, and even a weapon type, the Tonfa, will be introduced in the Defiant Honor DLC. Lastly, new difficulty levels will be introduced in this expansion, which could affect drop rates again.

In its two New Game+ modes, Nioh introduces better equipment and stats each time to accommodate the challenges in the harder difficulties. Active fans worked hard to optimize their stats through farming materials, crafting equipment, and rerolling its stats to match their gameplan. Due to the new difficulty mode that’s being introduced, new items or stats could be introduced again and render most stats useless in these maps. Many fans will have to adapt if they want to continue playing Nioh at its hardest difficulty.

Nioh’s newer crafting-related systems like the Umbracite and Patronage will alleviate the climb to get the best stats. Once that’s done, players can enjoy facing these harder challenges again. So far, many fans comment that Nioh mixes up its difficulty through adding more spawns and encounters that can be difficult to fight when alone.

Fans can enjoy the new gameplay meta up until the last DLC is released. So far, the Bloodshed’s End DLC will feature the Summer Campaign against the Toyotomi and Sanada clan. Koei Tecmo can also add another difficulty change in the last expansion. So far, we can expect the last DLC around September as the first Dragon of the North and Defiant Honor DLC had two-month gap between its releases. Remember to collect as much crafting materials to prepare for another difficulty meta change in the future.

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