Nioh: The Best Equipment Are “Locked” Behind DLC

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Source: Nioh – Dragon of the North DLC 1 Trailer | PS4 video

Nioh’s Dragon of the North DLC included the Way of the Demon difficulty for a harder gameplay experience. More than a just taking the spot as the game’s most difficult setting, fans also noticed that the enemies seem to drop the best items on this mode. However, players will need to buy the new DLC first to easily farm good items.

Best Equipment Dropped

According to funkforce’s thread on the Nioh subreddit, Divine items at high upgrade levels are regular loot drops in this mode. Divine items have a light green color and are considered the best item rarity in the game. Way of the Demon Divine equipment drops also have upgrade levels at around +10 to +11 which are already near the upgrade cap.

While Nioh is known for its generous loot, obtaining quality equipment is still difficult, especially Divine gear. Players are encouraged to jump to the Way of the Demon mode if they plan on farming for optimized equipment.

Dragon of the North DLC

Unlocking the Way of the Demon difficulty requires players to buy the new Dragon of the North DLC first. The new DLC’s content also features a new map region, weapon type, and guardian spirits. The Way of the Demon difficulty is Nioh’s “New Game++” mode where it is attainable after clearing once on its regular difficulty and Way of the Strong mode. The DLC costs $9.99 on its own or $24.99 if you want the Season Pass.

Farming Sites

Once you’re on the Way of the Demon difficulty, the old farming sites like The Bridge of Bone are still viable to get the best items. Just keep summoning and defeating revenants to farm equipment and weapons.

However, the great equipment drops starts as early as the first mission, namely the Isle of Demons. Upgraded Divine equipment might already be common once you unlock the farming spot mission.

What to Do With The Best Equipment

Once done with the best equipment farming, players can go enjoy Nioh’s new PvP feature that came with the Dragon of the North DLC. Most players will wear their best equipment to maximize their stats and other passive bonuses.

Alternatively, you can offer them on the Shrine for large amounts of Amrita or disassemble them for more crafting materials in the Blacksmith. Koei Tecmo definitely made it easier for fans to get great equipment in Nioh through the Way of the  Demon difficulty. The only requirement is to be competent enough to survive each battle to take all the loot home safely.

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