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Nintendo?s First App is Not for Gaming

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Nintendo and its co ? developer, Japan ? based wireless carrier NTT DoCoMo, are launching a new app on Thursday that lets users tether their Nintendo 3DS systems to their mobile devices to gain Web access. People might first guess that the Japanese game console developer?s first mobile app would be a game for smartphones and tablets. Unfortunately, it is not.

Easy Tethering for 3DS

The app is Nintendo?s move to join the spread of smartphones and tablets, following the sales decline of its flagship Wii U console. The Japanese company has been working on promoting its games on mobile devices without the need to put its iconic Mario franchise, as well as other games, on them. Doing so would not only endanger Nintendo?s hardware operations, but also sap its ability to envision new game plays, according to Nintendo President Satoru Iwata.

Meanwhile, a representative of Nintendo denied reports that the easy tethering app was its first and stressed that DoCoMo did the releasing.

First Mobile App this Year

Ever since the Kyoto ? based gaming giant?s downturn, critics argued that they should consider the possibility of having its famous games on Android and iOS. Nintendo said keeping its games on its consoles would be the best move. However, it plans to release its first mobile application within the year. This move better illustrates how the Japanese company plans to attract users through mobile devices, while staying committed to its business model.

Following the announcement that the much ? awaited game ?Mario Kart 8? would go on sale this month, Nintendo plans to provide a Web service that gives users access to their player rankings, and share and watch gameplay through?their smartphones. ?We hope to actively utilize smart devices, but I don?t think it?s true that there is no future for game consoles because of smartphones,?? said Iwata said.

New System Update

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The Japanese gaming giant confirmed recently that its 3DS sold 590, 000 units during the fourth financial quarter. The figure has now gone up to 43.33 million units. It also has a new system update, available in North America and Europe, that includes new parental features. The latest patch notes that adults can now register their email address, so they can receive a master key.

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