Nintendo Will Have 2 Q&As (Developer Discussions) This Year for E3

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What Will Nintendo Do At E3 2014
What Will Nintendo Do At E3 2014

The Wii U is still far from reaching its proper ?peak? stage, and yet, Nintendo had already announced that they are already working on a new hardware that will follow the Wii U. This might cause some fear with ?console owners and supporters, however, those who own the 3DS have nothing to worry about. Nintendo will hold out 2 Q&A sessions for E3 2014 and that?s where they will let us see why.

As 3DS is doing a really good job in terms of hardware and software sales, gamers on the go will have more reason to keep holding on to their 3DS as E3 2014 draws near.

Nintendo already gave us a strong hint of what they will be dishing out. Not to mention, they are already pretty open about their NFC Toy products. E3 is never going to be E3 without surprises, and Nintendo will make sure that we get a lot from them this year.

Nintendo already started inviting press groups to attend the special Q&A session that they will hold to fill in their absence in the E3 grounds. There will be two sessions this year. The first one will focus on the much anticipated fighting giant from Nintendo, Super Smash Bros. The second one though is a bit on the vague side of things. They only referred to it as ?a new game for 3DS?.

Surely enough, if something is to be announced at E3 season, it better be something bigger than most titles that Nintendo usually announces. For sure, it will be a title the Nintendo fans and 3DS owners would want to add to their collection.

From the ?possible games that they will release for the 3DS, it?s not hard to imagine that it?ll be something that will go in the same league as with their exclusive IP games like Pokemon, Mario and Donkey Kong. If it is something that didn?t make its way to the 3DS, then there?s a good chance that it is Metroid for the 3DS. (Because there?s already a pokemon game in the works, Kirby already had a break on 3DS, and everything we?ve mentioned already got their 3DS treatments)

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