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Nintendo ‘Wii U’ Might Bite The Dust Sooner Than We Think

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Wii U

Wii U’s failure

Nintendo?s ?Wii U? consoles had been performing sluggishly in the sales department and no thanks for Nintendo?s easy-going marketing effort. Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata even addressed this matter himself in an interview last year with CNBC. There might be ways in order to save it, but such gimmicks would only be short lived. Nintendo knows this and they already have a plan to bail out from the inevitable end that the Wii U will eventually face.

One good reason to believe that Nintendo itself thinks Wii U is a failure? is their introduction of ??Quality Of Life? (QOP) platform that was announced earlier this year. Nintendo aims to improve people?s lives in enjoyable ways (Given this is Nintendo we?re talking about and one way or the other, they will incorporate ?fun? ?to this platform.)

The first thing that comes to mind is ??Wii Fit? since it has something to do with ?health?. ?This is not the case, however. ?It is going to be a non-wearable technology and that part is quite puzzling too.

QOP platform, according to CEO Satoru Iwata is an entirely different thing which has nothing to do with their video game business line. If this is the case, then it is likely that there are bigger plans for this mysterious platform and it will probably take the spotlight away from their current platform Wii U, which is being taken as a joke by a lot of people.

With Wii U?s unpromising sales performance, it even pushed Iwata to cut his salary by 30 percent and other Nintendo executives something between 20 ? 30 percent as well last year. Within the same year, ?Nintendo lost around $15 million in operating costs because of Wii U?s poor presence.

With this sluggish performance and with QOL coming around soon, pushing Wii U would be like walking on water. If they do manage to keep it on track, it won?t be long before it eventually faces its demise.

This may seem like bad news for people who have the system as it is nowhere near its expected lifespan. No need to panic though as Nintendo will certainly keep making awesome games for other platforms, ?especially for the more successful one, the 3DS. ?But having two platforms of the same league is not a financially smart move and hence QOL platform will take the cake away from Wii U.

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