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Nintendo Toys with Mobile Applications

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Nintendo_LogoApplications are surely ruling the world today. From gaming to instant messaging to photo editing software, everyone is trying to do everything within the comfort of their own smartphones. Nevertheless, as a new niche continues to emerge as a superpower, other niches will suffer in terms of sale and popularity. In the case of the surge of applications, one of the many sectors that are suffering is the world of gaming consoles.

Two gaming console powerhouses Microsoft and Sony Computer Entertainment. recently launched their newest products.?Microsoft with its newest model of Xbox, the Xbox 360 and?Sony Computer Entertainment with its latest gaming console, the PlayStation 4. But where is Nintendo’s? What was once our favorite video gaming company seems to be having a hard time in the global market today. Nintendo’s Wii gaming console model is groundbreaking… but not record-breaking. Much to the upset of Nintendo, Wii was not able to manage to return the amount of sales Nintendo is expecting. And as their latest innovation failed, they are up for a new challenge:?Nintendo Toys with Mobile Applications.

images (5)“The leveraging the ubiquity of smartphones and tablets needn’t be a case of directly developing games for them,”?Steve Bailey, senior analyst for games at IHS Electronics and Media said.

With that, it seems that Nintendo is far from selling their games to mobile application distributors such as Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android Technology. Does this mean they are about to create their own?

“The goal would be driving users back to Nintendo hardware. The company’s games are best played and best enjoyed on Nintendo platforms.”?Reginald “Reggie”?Fils-Aime said, the president and chief operating officer of Nintendo of America.

Nintendo did not divulge further information about the possibility.

What shall we expect, then?

download (8)For the gaming company who created the Game Boy and introduced us Super Mario and Zelda, it is inevitable to expect the best out of them. The Nintendo Wii’s concept is relatively excellent as well. So what went wrong?

Nintendo seems to forget about the idea of a handy gaming console. They might have had Nintendo DS models, but they are not handy enough for grown-ups who already have lots of stuff in their bags. The company should realize that a part of their audience are the loyalists, the people who have loved them since 1980’s and are willing to play their games forever. Some of them wants their Game Boy much handier.

Perhaps, a sleek and handy design of Nintendo DS, complete with new games and improved Super Mario Bro. and Zelda can save them.

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