Nintendo Switch: Zelda Wind Waker, Metroid Prime, And More GameCube Games Coming To The Virtual Store?

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When GameCube games were announced for the Nintendo Switch, fans became fairly excited for the console. There was already plenty of hype towards it, thanks to the handheld/console hybrid nature of the console. Having GameCube games in the Switch’s Virtual Console feature just adds to the fantasy, and fans want it now.

Ever since the Wii U came out, fans have wanted Nintendo to add GameCube games to the Virtual Console. Although the Wii U was powerful, it did not have the technology to play older Gamecube titles. It seems now like the Switch is even better and should please old-school fans as anonymous sources leaked told Eurogamer that the new Nintendo console will have GameCube support . Here are games that we will expect to come to the Virtual Console.

The Legend Of Zelda: Wind Waker

There is a remastered Wii U version. But, if it doesn’t get ported, it should come to the Nintendo Switch. Wind Waker is easily one of the most gorgeous GameCube games ever made. The fact that it looked wonderful on the Wii U proves that. Plus, adding the stellar Zelda gameplay and the sailing sections, it’s clear that this is one of the best games in the Zelda series.

Battalion Wars

Essentially, a console version of Advanced Wars, this game originally was not liked by some due to it’s visual style. Not because it was ugly, but how it seemed too serious to be associated with Advanced Wars. In spite of that, Battalion Wars was still a fairly fun game with intense battles.

Metroid Prime

The Metroid: Federation Force was a major disappointment to fans of the Metroid series. Although it did have solid gameplay, the focus on multiplayer upset many fans of Samus Aran. With that in mind, Nintendo should bring Metroid Prime to the Nintendo Switch right away.

Adding a first-person perspective while still keeping the exploration aspects pleased many fans back in the day. They’ll need this to get over the recent Federation mess.

Eternal Darkness

Probably the scariest game to ever hit the GameCube, this should be an immediate port for the Switch. The game messed with the player’s thoughts in such a vivid and unique way, that it still haunts some fans to this day. Definitely a must-have for the Nintendo Switch.

What GameCube games do you want to see on the Nintendo Switch? Sound off on the comments below.

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