Nintendo Switch Will Have Pokemon Sun and Moon Game Upgrade Called Pokemon Stars

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Nintendo Switch

Nintendo is well known for upgrading its gaming consoles in the best ways. Nintendo?s millions of fans are waiting for the release of the latest gaming console, Nintendo Switch. Along with the console, the fans are also waiting for the featured games.

Nintendo is not only fascinating its fans with the games, but is also winning their hearts with major updates of their favorite games. Right now, the fans are expecting an upgrade to?their favorite game Pokemon Sun and Moon. According to speculations, Pokemon Stars is the upgraded version of the game for the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch to get Pokemon Sun and Moon

One particular rumor for Pokemon Sun and Moon is floating these days. According to Newseveryday, the company is planning to upgrade its current game Pokemon Sun and Moon to Pokemon Stars. Moreover, as the company is planning to launch Nintendo Switch, fans expect that the company will add Pokemon Sun and Moon to the console.

Previously, the company has launched improved versions of its famous games like Pokemon Red and Blue and Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. The company upgraded Pokemon Red and Blue to Pokemon Yellow, Pokemon Diamond and Pearl to Pokemon Platinum.

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Pokemon Stars, the upgraded version of Pokemon Sun and Moon?

Pokemon Star has been in development as long as Pokemon Sun and Moon.?Meanwhile,?the development of Pokemon Sun and Moon wrapped up quickly and the development of Pokemon Stars has been delayed. It is possible that the company will combine features of both the games and upgrade Pokemon Sun and Moon as Pokemon Stars.

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According to Newseveryday, players will be able to communicate with its successor on the console. It means that players can trade Pokemon from both the games by using Pokemon Bank app store.

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