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Nintendo Switch Can Do VR But No Backwards Compatibility Support

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Nintendo Switch will offer VR gaming but not backwards compatibility support

In less than a month, the Nintendo Switch will arrive at the doorsteps of its many and excited owners. The new Nintendo console, which was unveiled last January, will be officially released on Mar. 3. Right now, consumers who managed to pre-order the console are just waiting for their units to arrive. While the gaming device boasts both portable and console-like gaming, it is still not without flaw. Top of which is, the Nintendo Switch will not offer any form of backwards compatibility with older system like the Wii and Wii-U.

According to Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima, at the moment, there are no plans or support for games made for other consoles. This extends to controllers made for gaming console like the Wii and Wii-U. However, the president did not dismiss the idea that support for other controllers may be developed in the future. If this happens, there is a chance that older games might as well get ported to the Nintendo Switch as some sort of backwards compatibility.

On a more positive note, Kimishima has said that the Switch is powerful enough to support virtual reality of VR gaming. Furthermore, he also expressed the company’s interest in developing applications and games for the Nintendo Switch that support VR.

Nintendo Switch can do VR but cannot support backwards compatibility

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This news about the Switch supporting VR looks promising. However, consumers must remember that most Nintendo gaming systems, unlike its counterparts, are not known to offer massive processing power. Nevertheless, given a proper hardware, just like the Playstation VR, perhaps VR gaming on the Nintendo Switch is not that bad.

Unfortunately, Kimishima did not clarify how or when Nintendo will implement virtual reality on the Switch. Also, the move to VR may come at a much later date since the Nintendo Switch is still very new.

The Nintendo Switch has generated a huge amount interest since its first announcement last year. Three days after the official unveiling last January, the pre-order allotment for the console was immediately sold out. At this point in time, the console is still pretty much sold out. There is not a place that anyone can buy the upcoming console for the same retail price. However, for a price, one can get the Nintendo Switch from places like eBay and other e-commerce sites. For more updates on the Nintendo Switch, be sure to check us out at TheBitbag.

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