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Nintendo Switch Virtual Console: Mother 3 Leaked, Other VC Games Possibly Coming

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The Nintendo Switch Virtual Console keeps getting more interesting as reports come in. It was recently confirmed that the new system?s Virtual Console would let players purchase Gamecube games. As if that wasn?t enough, it seems like the Switch will gain access to rare games like Mother 3.

Mother 3 is the sequel to the cult-classic RPG Earthbound, which is actually the second game in a trilogy. The sequel came to the Gameboy Advance in Japan but never reached the West due to Earthbound?s poor reception. However, if known leaker?Laura Kate Dale is correct, we can finally play the game on the Nintendo Switch.

The Mother Load

If the inclusion of Mother 3 on the Nintendo Switch Virtual Console means anything, we might see other rare games. Should that be the case, Nintendo fans will flock to the Switch since they can finally play these rare titles. Keep in mind that no one in Nintendo has confirmed this to be true, but Dale has proven to be a trusted source.

Considering the amount of rare NES and SNES games, this could be a treasure trove for retro gamers. If the third Mother game does come to the Virtual Console, fans will finally be able to play the final game in the series. Earthbound: Beginnings and Earthbound are available in the Wii U VC, though the former isn?t in the 3DS VC.

January 12 Showcase Reveal?

Now that the January 12 showcase is near, it will be interesting to see what other news is spread. The Nintendo Switch Virtual Console will definitely be hyped up, since that has always been a big part of the company?s recent systems. Mother 3 has long been sought out and it will be fun to see its new localized name, which should have Earthbound in it.

Rare games aside, the Switch presentation will also show launch titles and some brand new exclusives. Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild continues to be the most hyped of the Switch titles and the new Mario game is gaining traction. Fans can expect all of this and more when the Switch presentation is shown on January 12.

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