Nintendo Switch Virtual Console: Eternal Darkness Trademark Renewed, VC Version Possible

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Has the first Gamecube game for the Nintendo Switch Virtual Console been confirmed via a trademark renewal? The company has renewed the license for the acclaimed Eternal Darkness, a good horror game that was Gamecube exclusive. This makes the Switch even more tantalizing, since Mother 3 might also be coming to the system.

Fans can see the official trademark made in the United States Patent and Trademark Office. It?s a fairly interesting move for Nintendo to make, since the game has become something of a cult hit. If this ends up happening, the company is going to make plenty of horror game fans very happy.

Eternal Trademark?

Though Eternal Darkness coming to the Nintendo Switch Virtual Console sounds exciting, we still can?t be sure. Game Informer stated that the company renewed the license back in 2013, and no new title came out from that. That was a shame, since the Wii U could have used that game or a possible sequel to it.

Perhaps Nintendo is working on a new Eternal Darkness game, or maybe they want to hold on to the license. Either way, there is still no official news regarding a possible Virtual Console release. If Gamecube games are coming to the Switch, Eternal Darkness should be one of the premiere titles available.

Eternal Darkness 2?

Admittedly, a Nintendo Switch Virtual Console release sounds more likely than an actual sequel. Hypothetically, if the digital version gets plenty of love, a sequel could happen if Nintendo wants one. There were rumors of Eternal Darkness 2 coming to the Wii U, but nothing has come of it.

If anything, having an exclusive horror title on the Nintendo Switch could garner interest outside of the company?s usual fans. Considering that titles like Skyrim are coming to the console, it?s clear that Nintendo wants to try to cater to more mainstream gamers. Only time will tell if this comes true, though fans will find this out on January 12.

Gamecube games expected for the Nintendo Switch Virtual Console include Super Smash Bros Melee and Wind Waker, among others. Expect more news when the system is finally unveiled in January, before it?s possible March release.

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